Disadvantages of Website

Disadvantages of Website

In the world where technology is every where and the persons who are not using technologies are getting behind.

To grow business many  are going for Website Designing to have Website so that they can grow their business with the help of internet where all their targeted customers are surfing the web.

Many companies or individuals or not getting into getting website but why ?

why not website

May be they are thinking about disadvantages .So lets talk about disadvantages of website ..

  • They dont want to grow their business
  • Dont want to be accessed from all over the world or dont want to extend their limits
  • Dont want to get in touch  with customers quickly from anywhere
  • Want to do business in old way as long as possible

So its upon you whether to go for Web Designing or not. I think we should make use of technologies to grow as everyone wants to grow.


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