How user form an opinion about your website

How user form an opinion about your website

A business owner is very much attached to their business website as that is the online existence that can grow their business with higher rate. The Technology in the hand of every person making businesses to go online and showcasing their business online proudly.

But having a website or online existence  is not enough that will generate business for you and visitors will be your customers but it should be upto the mark to give you leads.

Here we will talk about one important factor that helps in conversion on the website and that is website design.

User form an opinion about your website in 05 seconds

It has been found out that

“ Once your Website loads , users form an opinion in 0.5 Seconds ”

Means you have only 0.5 seconds to impress the visitor and convert him into your customer. Here  first glance of the visitor  at the  website plays the role.

Now we will talk about the factors that will form a good opinion about your website

Design of the website

The first and most important factor is design of the website. If the visitor doesn’t like your Web Design he will fly away. By design we don’t mean it’s beauty but also the placement of products and information. Which will lead to the interception of your website by the user. It should be user friendly , attractive and hard to leave.

Speed of the Website

Second factor is Speed of the website. If user comes to your website and it doesn’t loads quickly then he don’t have enough time that he will wait for the website to load he will fly away again so optimise your website in a way that it loads quickly and is available to user within seconds.

So to make a good impression on your visitors let them feel what they want and make a conversion there.Make a website that is attractive , fast and user friendly.


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