First ever website on internet

First ever website on internet

Internet is a huge platform filled with huge amount of information from all over the world where you can find anything that you want to know. It has become necessacity in our lives that even we cant live without it.

But have you ever thought when and what was the first website that was uploaded on the internet ? If you have ever thought and never got the answer then you will get today.

The first ever website was just text and hyper links where no media was included like images , videos e.t.c

As you can see in the featured image and from here “ FIRST EVER WEBSITE. ”

The first website was just text and links but we are thankful to that first thing that we came a long way and today we are sharing everything with the whole world through websites.

The date when this website went live was 06 August 1991. It’s been 27 years since first website and we have gone too far with technology and hope will go further as technology is playing a crucial role in our lives.

Hope you loved this piece of information that should be known to everybody.


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